South Australian Safety Symposium

The future of safety, now.


Brought to you by The Safety Institute of Australia, The South Australian Safety Symposium 2016 will be the foremost platform for discussing the most prevalent issues facing occupational health and safety professionals today.

In South Australia, Construction, Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing are the largest industries, employing over 300,000 personnel combined. At the same time, the Safety Institute of Australia has reported that Construction and Manufacturing account for a combined 20% of workplace fatalities in 2015, showing that safety in the workplace still remains vital.

Themes such as transitional legislation, psychological health, healthy workplaces and priority disorders will run throughout the event, with presentations delving deeper into current strategies and initiatives in the field of OHS/WHS.

Psychological injury in the workplace is of special interest at this conference, with a number of bodies identifying it as a concept dangerously detrimental to employees & businesses that still remains relatively unapproached; largely due to the eclectic nature of psychological health, ambiguous legislation and uncertainty towards how to deliver sensitive and forthright care to employees. Expert speakers have been assembled to address subjects such as recognition and response to psychological health issues, knowing the legal risks of psychological mismanagement and clarity over transitional legislation surrounding psychological health. All topics that can benefit companies across Australia.

Wider legislation also features prominently, with current PCBU obligations, compliance and safety governance all being discussed.

A collection of business executives, industry regulators, OHS academics and trade body representatives are coming together to ensure that South Australia continues to remain informed and innovative in its approach to safety, consolidating and sharing strong current practice whilst also remaining reflexive and ambitious in its future.

South Australian employee safety is fundamental. Striving to keep businesses informed is crucial. An open-minded and fervent attitude to the future of workplace safety is essential.


  •  David Clarke, CEO, Safety Institute of Australia
  •  Marie Boland, Executive Director, SafeWork SA
  • Ms Katrine Hildyard MP, Member for Reynell & Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of SA, Australian Labor Party (South Australia)
  • Tony Middlebrook, General Manager of Insurance, Comcare
  • Rebecca Parton, Rehabilitation Manager, Comcare
  • Dr Tori Wade, Clinical Director of eHealth and Telehealth Unit, Adelaide Unicare
  • Dr. Tim Driscoll, Representative of the AMR (Australian Mesothelioma Registry) & Professor of Epidemiology and Occupational Medicine, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor John van der Hoek, Associate Professor, University of SA, Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Science
  • Siobhan Flores Walsh, Corrs Chambers Westgrath