SIA National Safety Convention 2016

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SIA national Convention Sydney September 2016: "Disruptive Safety"

The annual SIA National Safety Convention brings together stakeholders in the health and safety profession including the profession, regulators, business and unions, to talk about what's working about existing approaches, as well as new ideas and leadership.

The convention is a two day conference program bookended by a series of events including the OHS education awards, the annual Eric Wigglesworth memorial lecture, conference dinner, SIA Annual General Meeting, an OHS leaders and CEO's breakfast, as well as a women in leadership forum.

The program in development is currently acquiring some of the best national and international speakers to explore the theme of Disruptive Safety.

Sometimes, perspective is everything. The theme 'disruptive safety' in the context of the 2016 national convention means different things:

• Disruptive change. As we work to alter company culture to move health and safety from being seen as a cost to an opportunity, is it just about incremental change, turning the ship a little bit at a time, or can other approaches work? We say there may be other approaches and we should talk about them. Just as 'disruptive technology' can turn businesses or even whole industries on their heads and demand news ways of doing and thinking, are there opportunities for positively disrupting the status quo in workplace health and safety at company or systemic level?

• The disruptive environment. The world is full of disruption. Change is the constant. The forces which move through businesses are significant. How is workplace health and safety affected? How can health and safety officers, managers, senior managers and executives work together to weather rapid changes taking place in their businesses, and get ahead of the curve?

• Working in Challenging fields. In fields where the stakes are high health and safety, how are people tackling the issues and what if anything can be learnt from these approaches that can be translated across the board?